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Al-Qaddar Enclave Islamabad

Al-Qaddar Enclave Islamabad

Al-Qaddar Enclave Islamabad



Al-Qaddar Global business (Pvt) Ltd now launched a project named as ” Al-Qaddar Enclave Islamabad ” from where you can buy your new homes and plots with attractive 4 Star locations with low installments and profit rates. It contains 5 Marla single and double stories home from minimum booking price. Its a time to complete your desired dreams so come up first and book your home today.

If we come to cost margin then, Al-Qaddar Enclave mostly set the minimum level of each property as compared to market average rate. Al Qaddar Enclave hires qualified and experienced managers who always give correct and clear piece of details. Al-Qaddar Enclave  reforming land and introducing new style mapping of houses in Pakistan.

Al-Qaddar Enclave offers a calm, peaceful, and fresh living environment. Being easily accessible from all the city’s major points, it is a luxurious place to invest in the property. Currently developing, it is a society where you will find the best properties within your budget. More details available on the Official Website.

Al-Qaddar Enclave Location

Alqadar Location Map
Alqadar Location Map

t is located on Lehtrar Road – Chirah Chowk, near Nilore Police Station in Islamabad. Al-Qaddar Enclave enjoys a prime location in the city where you can easily access all the major areas of Islamabad.

Plots for Sale in Al-Qaddar Enclave

Different categories of residential and commercial plots are  available for sale in Al-Qaddar Enclave Islamabad. The residential plots are available in the following sizes:

3 Marla, 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal

The prices of these plots are affordable, and the easy installment plans assure that the investment will be too heavy for the investor’s pocket.

Facilities Available at Al-Qaddar Enclave

This is a smartly planned housing society with modern-day amenities. The developers have designed this project brilliantly to facilitate you in every aspect of life. Moreover, you will find the availability of all the necessary facilities.

  • Electricity as well as Gas
  • Water as well as Proper Sewerage System.
  • Also, The Beautiful Parks as well as Playgrounds

Commercial Spaces etc.

Other attractions are available. All these facilities together make this project a great residential as well as an investment opportunity.